Desktop Tuesday: Settle Here!

By this time next week, Radiant Entertainment will be settled in our new, more spacious digs.

It’s bigger on the inside!

We’ve been growing – enough that our current office is no longer enough to hold our two game teams, a few assorted other people, and all our stuff. (Human bodies + many computers + smallish office = it’s quite stuffy and warm.) So we’re packing up (Embark!) and moving a few blocks away into something much roomier.

Our workers, carpenters, masons, blacksmiths, and weavers are busily building out the new office, abetted by some specialized crafters from the small village of IT.

Yes, we need 30 Comfy Chairs. Get to it.

Among other nice new things, we’ll actually have a dedicated streaming studio (not a closet, not shared with storage space, yay) to support our rapidly growing Twitch schedule. In addition to our 3X weekly Stonehearth streams, we’ll soon be adding Rising Thunder streams as well (check for the upcoming announcement).

Alas, the pretty new studio will not be ready in time for our 100th Twitch stream, which is… tonight! We’ll be live at 6 pm PDT. Rather than our usual peek into what we’re working on, we’re going to celebrate you — our community. It’s your creations, your imagination, and your support that have helped make Stonehearth what it is. So we’re going to take a look at some of your most impressive creations; revisit some stream “greatest hits;” and even unveil a couple of surprises… don’t miss it!

We’ll be streaming as usual the rest of this week. But because of the move, there will not be a stream next Tuesday (October 20). We hope to be up and running in our new studio on Wednesday, October 21.

Time to go do some more packing. See you on Stream 100 tonight! (Dress is formal.)

This looks like a good spot! Hope there aren’t any goblins around…