Desktop Tuesday, Making Your Own Models with Qubicle Constructor

Hi. Last week I talked about some of the basic modding primitives that will allow you to customize the 3d models in the game.  Expanding a bit on that thought, here’s a little more information for those of you who are ready to take the plunge.

Introducing: Qubicle Constructor Stonehearth Edition

Qubicle Constructor is the voxel modelling software that I use to create all the voxel content in Stonehearth. In fact, we use Qubicle’s .qb format as our own native 3d object format. They have a free version available to play around with, so you can kick the tires and see if voxel modelling is something that is fun for you.


To actually produce content for Stonehearth you’ll need a paid version, but Minddesk has generously provided a discounted “Stonehearth Edition” of their product for fledgling modders. The Stonehearth Edition will allow you to import our models, make changes to them, then export them back out for use in the game. To do animation you’ll need their “Home edition” and some kind of 3d animation software like Blender or 3DS Max, but you can already do lots of cool stuff just by changing the existing models in the game and not touching the animations.

Check out their website for more information.

How to get your models into the game

Last week I talked about future APIs that will allow you to override game content. For now, you can still add your models to the game, but you’re going to have to jump through a few more hoops to do it. Here’s a great discussion thread that documents the process.

Discourse discussion thread on creating models for Stonehearth

Other News: Development update

Here’s a quick list of things we’re working on at the moment. By far our top priority right now is fixing the stuck workers problem. It’s requiring some fairly significant enhancements to the AI system, but progress remains steady. We’ll ship the next Alpha release once the problem is resolved, along with the gameplay-related features that are complete enough to share at that point.

So here’s the list. You can expect to see some (not all!) of this in the next Alpha release.

  • AI enhancements to fix stuck workers
  • Wild-life: sheep, rabbits, and more
  • Graphics optimizations to improve performance, especially on low-end cards
  • UI improvements
  • New classes, starting with the Weaver

Save is also a high priority, which we will being working on in earnest once the stuck workers are fixed.