DT: Hearthling Therapist

Hey Everyone, Stephanie here. This week, as the team starts to party hard on Alpha 13 features, it is my pleasure to show off some hard work from Yang and Tony: the Hearthling Therapist!

The Hearthling Therapist

We are as committed as ever to making Stonehearth a game that is about high-level commands. However, for those of you who have been asking for more control over your hearthlings, you may now go to the people tab turn bits of their AI on and off. If they’re having trouble deciding between two tasks of equal priority, this should help them lean towards the tasks that you think are more important.

This feature is brand new, and we’ve tested it a little here at the office, but we look forward to getting it into your hands, so we can all see how it functions in your larger towns and long-running games. Look for it in Alpha 13, whenever we get a release to Steam Unstable!