Desktop Tuesday: Healing!

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks to all of your support this year, Team Stonehearth was able to have a wonderful holiday break, full of family and food and Star Wars. We return in the new year refreshed and ready to pick up exactly where we left off: with improvements to the way combat affects town life. This week, we’re focusing on how the Herbalist, introduced last month, will use the potions they’ve created to heal up injured hearthlings.

Healing and Beds

Recap from the video:

  • Before combat is even on the horizon, make sure your herbalist crafts up a store of medicines and bandages.
  • After combat ends, you’ll notice that injured hearthlings will move more slowly; they’re debilitated!
  • Auto-healing now depends on the willpower stat.
  • Injured hearthlings will seek out beds to rest in. Resting will restore health faster.
  • Herbalists will automatically find bedridden hearthlings and apply healing materials to get them back to full health faster.
  • If there are lots of injured people, only a few will allow themselves to be bedridden at a time; the number of people who can be treated for injury increases as your herbalist levels up, or with the number of herbalists you have.

We’ve got a lot of playtesting still to do to make sure that the herbalist heals at a satisfying pace, so we look forward to your help with that and tuning when A14 goes onto our Steam Unstable branch hopefully later this month. (We have a really nasty memory leak we need to fix first, fallout of some other optimizations in A13.)

Other News:

Streams! Our weekly streams resume as usual this week, except that Tom’s Tuesday’s stream (today’s stream) will happen at  5:00pm PST instead of 6:00pm PST due to a scheduling conflict.

Welcome and welcome back! A warm welcome to everyone who joined the Stonehearth Community over the holidays! We’re happy to have you on board, and we hope you share your fresh perspective with us on how the game is progressing, and how it could be improved. Community veterans, we give thanks daily for the way you make our blog and forums a safe and supportive place for creativity, and we can’t wait to see all the mods, tutorials, videos, art you all have in store for us this year.