Desktop Tuesday: Headgear!

Hey Everyone, Alpha 14 is almost out the door! As the whole team jams on bugs, I thought it might be nice to take a closer look at one of our last A14 features: headwear tech for hats and helmets.

Hats and Helms

Recap from the video:

  • Headgear has always been a part of the Stonehearth “look”. Even early sketches and concepts show farmers in straw hats and footmen in helmets. This is because the game camera often sits above the hearthlings and headgear is vital to helping you distinguish one class of individuals from another.
  • For a long time, we weren’t sure how to make headgear work with all types of hair, but Tony’s recent fixes to allow skin/clothing/armor layers to show the layers underneath have enabled us not just to do things like make breastplate that shows a tunic underneath, but also to make hats that show hair around the brim.
  • Farmers have hats by default. Weavers and blacksmiths can craft helmets that grant protection in combat.
  • Hats require that hair models be split into 2 parts. The bottom part will always appear. The top part will either collide with the hat, or be replaced by the hat.
  • If you’re a modder and want to add a hat, be sure to name the matrix of your hat “hat”.
  • Then when you put your hat in the game, make sure it’s model variant component “layer” value is “hat”.
  • If the model variant component’s “transparent” value is true, then the hat will sit on top of the hair. If hat and hair voxels collide, the hat voxels will win, making the hat appear on top of the hair. If the model variant component’s “transparent” value is false, then the hat will replace the top layer of hair.

Other Updates

Streams! Today’s stream will start early, at 5:30PST, due to scheduling conflicts. Wednesday and Thursday’s streams will happen at the usual times.

Focus on Performance: We expect to spend our next alpha, Alpha 15, working on performance optimizations for Stonehearth. There are a number of large revisions to the pathfinder, to the filter cache, to the way we look for items in the world, etc, that we’ve been meaning to get to, but that require multiple weeks of concentrated work and testing across the whole team in order to pull off. This is the month we’ve decided to hunker down and get to work! If all goes well, the game will be more stable, and better able to handle the features we have in mind to follow . This means you won’t be seeing any new classes or gameplay features for the next few weeks, but we’ll keep you updated as to our progress.

Giant Save Games and Problematic Building Templates: If you’d like to make a tangible difference on our performance work, we would love it if you built us a giant town, and then put the save up on this discourse thread. We load your save games up here, and use them to trigger new ideas about possible performance improvements. We also really appreciate all the analysis you’ve done for us in our problematic building template thread. If you have a building that does not, build, please save it as a template, and upload it there. We will continue to look through the templates to fix building issues.