Desktop Tuesday: Flat Roofs

Hey Everyone, two weeks ago, I mentioned that the new building styles for Rayya’s Children would not have been possible without the work Tony did to enable flat roof types. This week, let’s take a look at the options this feature adds to the building editor, and at what other possibilities (and bugs) it unlocks for the future!

Feature: Flat Roofs

To recap in text:

  • RC Building templates have flat roofs
  • Building designer’s “roof offset” option determines how high the roof should be relative to the floor
  • Building designer’s “roof overhang” feature allows easy creation of sheds and porches
  • Sneak Peek: Flat roofs allow us to begin to create the crenellated castle roofs we’ve been envisioning since the beginning
  • But there are lots of bugs still, so it will be a while before this feature is fully functional

A14 Updates

In this vein, we’re doing another pass on building in A14. Specifically, we are trying to narrow down common causes of stuck buildings, so if you have a building that doesn’t build, please save it as a template and post it to this discourse thread.

Templates are better than saves for this sort of thing, since we can use them to recreate the problem in a clean test world. Also, though we love mansions and castles, the smaller your templates are, the easier it is for us to figure out exactly what one, fixable thing we can target. We are especially looking for little templates that show off specific problems. Thanks in advance!

Streams This Month

We will have all three streams as usual this week, though Wednesday’s stream will be moved to 10:00am PST.

Because it is December, Thursday’s 6:00pm PST stream on 12/10/15  will be the last officially scheduled stream this month. We will resume streaming on Tuesday, 1/5. We’ll still be on the Discourse forums though, so come hang out and say hi! For those of you taking final exams this week, best of luck, and for everyone, we hope you’re all looking forward to a great holiday season.