Introducing Desktop Tuesdays. First Up, Farmer Assets!

In the spirit of keeping the blog updated, I’m going to try a little experiment here, taking a screenshot of whatever I’m working on and posting it on Tuesdays. Hence, welcome to the first Desktop Tuesday update!

What you’re looking at are a bunch of models for our farmer profession. This is all a work in progress of course. I’m happy with some of the things in there, but most still needs a little more work. The veggies in particular are a little too bright and saturated right now.

When doing this models, I try to define the forms through well-defined front and side views, only rounding off corners where it’s absolutely necessary. I’ve found that when the model gets too “jaggy” the shading of each individual voxel breaks up the old-school 16-bit RPG look we’re going for. You can see this in the farmer’s hat, which is sort of a mess compared to the clean, easy-to-read forms in the well or the wooden buckets.

That’s it for now. See you next Tuesday!