Desktop Tuesday: Building w/ Clay

Hey Everyone, hope you all had a great Candledark! This last week, we wrapped up the last of our major, performance-related Alpha 12 bugs (mountains of kudos to Albert for the memory leak and the combat fixes!) and are finally going to get to turn our collective focus to Alpha 13. For me, that means continuing to figure out how Rayya’s Children will survive in the endless, empty desert:

Building with Clay

The desert doesn’t have very many trees in it. In fact, the desert doesn’t have much of anything in it. Rayya’s Children solves this problem as it solves most problems: by making something, and then something greater still, out of nothing.

  • mine dirt to get clay
  • turn clay, wood, and stone into ovens
  • use ovens to bake clay into bricks
  • build walls out of bricks
  • profit!

Monkey would be proud.

The ability to build walls out of dirt will also be available to the other kingdoms, but much later in their respective tech trees. We have lots of balance issues still to work out, but from our perspective, this makes a good first stab at ensuring that Rayya’s Children has it’s own, unique flavor when starting out.