Desktop Tuesday: Better Building

Hey everyone, Team Stonehearth continues its focus on performance and bugfixing for Alpha 15! Chris in particular has been working very hard on even more building-related improvements, so this week’s Desktop Tuesday focuses on his work to make building better for everyone!

The templates in the video were contributed by sheepasaurusrex, tamorr, spiro, and lagueppe, so special thanks to them and everyone who has contributed problematic templates to our discourse thread!

Better Building

Recap from the video:

  • Here’s a bunch of templates that didn’t used to build in Alpha 14, but that now do in Alpha 15! They demonstrate interior stairs, exterior stairs, windows that span whole walls, walls with dense column placements, exterior sheds, and more!
  • This week Chris has improved the grow roof and grow wall tools to only affect the part of the building that you are hovering over, so roofs and walls no longer fill/surround holes meant for stairs. Yaay!
  • Is your building stuck because you’re out of resources? This week I added the resource counter tech from our crafting window to the template UI and the building summary UIs, so you can check before you build and during a build whether you’ve got enough raw materials to finish your epic structure.
  • Lastly, I wanted to show you a very early look at an experimental wall-moving tool that Chris has prototyped. Chris started working on the tool because he observed that lots of people want to adjust things by a voxel or two after they’ve been placed, but the technical and design challenges involved have quickly made it clear that this is something we’d have to spend more time thinking about, before we can put a properly realized version of it into the game. And who knows, maybe it would be better to solve the problem in another way entirely! Nonetheless, we wanted to let you know we’ve noticed that building COULD be easier, and hope to make it more so as we move forward.

Other Announcements:

Streams will happen as usual this week!