Desktop Tuesday, Alpha 11 Update

Good afternoon (or morning or evening, depending on where you are and when you’re reading this post.)

The team has been pushing hard to stabilize a new release for Alpha 11. This week’s video is a bit of a hodgepodge of improvements, big and small, that you can expect in Alpha 11. Onward!

  • FerretBandit

    What else is in ALpha 11 and what day do you plan to relase the unstable version of it? Cool update! 🙂

  • AngelOfSolerei

    Oh I’m excited!!! World Seed…wooHOO! Love that!! Crates…neat and tidy town!! Bulk harvest carry….8 instead of 1…YAY!!! *doin’ a happy dance*

  • Very nice! Looking forward to the update 🙂

    Is it just me, or did Tom sound… just a wee bit Scottish at the start there? (Or Irish; my ear is not that sharp.)

  • Aleksander Mościbrodzki

    Workers taking up to 8 items at once is too much. Make them able to take 4 items at start, if they can take up to 8 items, crafting them better backpacks will be irrelevant.

    • DD


    • King of Defense

      Items could have different sizes or weight affecting how much stuff hearthlings can carry.

  • Nyte Toast

    I am still going to build massive stockpiles for gold 🙂 looking forward to playing this update.

    • xen2001

      Yeah. Gotta keep the dungeon keeper feeling by having massive gold stockpiles in a dark cave lit up only by a few torchesmaking the gold even shinier, right? ^^

  • yosmo78

    Crates should not be a given when you automatically promote to a
    carpenter but instead a level up, so it forces you to use a stock pile. Maybe lvl 1 carpenter gets small crate and lvl 3-4 carpenter for the big crates?

    • DD

      Agree as well. Big Crates should be lvl 4 or 5

      • Aghork

        I like at least a little bit of realism in my games and a crate is a very simple thing to build for a carpenter, especially when compared to a bed.
        I also think that a Spindle should be the easiest lvl1 thing to build. One does not even need a carpenter for it. It’s just a stone on a stick, or a stick that is a bit thicker in the middle.

  • Ho Lee Munk


  • John Harris Di Battista

    Awesome update. I love workflow tools.
    An idea about backpacks. Should they be limited to basic workers only? For balance purposes. See, it gives something to the basic worker that isn’t available to a trades-lings and by doing so it rewards the player more for setting up an efficient work system. It would reward players for having basic laborers do basic labor and for setting up their workshops in a sensible manner which readily available stockpiles and crates near by to reduce time spent fetching goods.
    Also, will the backpacks be rendered in game?

  • user5754

    Is the screen where you can see your starting hearthling’s stats and information before starting your world going to be in alpha 11?

  • Jared Slate

    Nice update! Great features, can you make it so hearthlings will always carry some food with them in their backpack? This way when they have to go off to harvest something, they don’t run back halfway through cuz they are hungry. Or when you send your footmen chasing something! Perhaps add a sleeping bag too, so they can carry that in their backpack for the same reasons!

    • xen2001

      Wouldn’t having food always available pretty much make tables and chairs in our dining halls obsolete?

      Also i think it’s kinda funny to imagine your footmen chasing the evil goblin thief who snatched your precious gold; then suddenly all sit down to have a little snack while the thief reaches the safety in goblin camp.

      Same thing for sleeping bags. Would make beds useless if villagers could litterally sleep anywhere without repriments.

      Kind of Solution: Well maybe the team could add a buff (“A good night of restful sleep” = temporarily buffs the body stat for half a day or so…) the villagers get when sleeping in a proper bed, while sleeping in a sleeping bag just prevents the debuff they get when resting on the barren ground.

  • Untrustedlife

    Are we able to put crates on top of each other?

    • Avairian

      Yes you are able to 🙂

  • TheGreatEagle

    Hey just wanted to point out that “” Does not show up in the google results anymore when searching for “Stonehearth” or even “”.
    Just pointing it out in case its not just me and Radiant are actually loosing out on pepople who can’t find the nice new site.

    • MrBagoo

      I also noticed that a while ago.
      You have to manually enter the correct address in the browser. You can’ get to the site through google anymore.

  • Houten Lee

    Does the crate need to be “un-deployed” to be moved around? Or we have super hearthlings that can just lift full crates?
    Also this raise another question, when you un-deploy the crates does the item it stores stays? or an explosion of all the store item occures?

    • Tuhalu

      You can’t undeploy a crate or put a loaded crate into another crate. You’ll use the “redeploy” button to move the crate around while loaded.

    • xen2001

      By assigning a new spot to be deployed the filled crate could be moved somewhere else (maybe near a construction site or the fields/dining hall). The items within should be then at the new deployment spot available again.

      I agree though that a crate should be able to be undeployed again if the player wishes to but then it would have to scatter all its contents on the ground to prevent the “filled crate in a crate”-thingy. Well not that i would mind if the team ever introduces some sort of wagon or pushcart we could move/store more than one filled crate at once.
      A pushcart would be awesome anyway. have a stockpile in a movable fashion which shows its last added 2-4 items/contents. Having a pushcart near my dining hall would look much better than just a crate with what-god-knows-within…

  • Choi Yeon Deok

    Update Now or later? My game just 10.5alpha version

  • Dragon Overlord Zemas

    I think workers’ carry weight should depend on their strength stat. It would be a little bit more realistic than everyone can carry 8 items at the beginning. But nice new Alpha!

  • Mårten

    Ok, I expected crates to be a part of the stockpiles. So that you have maybe a 3×3 stockpile and three small crates. Then you would have 3×8+3×2= 24+6 = 30 slots in a 3×3 stockpile.

    That way they could move a whole crate between stockpiles if needed, and if they need 8 resources they can pick up a whole crate (which then becomes empty) and then carry it back to any stockpile that accepts crates and items there would be queued to be moved into the crate.