Desktop Tuesday, Adding Lore to the Game

Hi guys. Welcome to the first Tuesday update after our Steam release. If you’re new to Stonehearth (welcome!), every Tuesday I take a snapshot of what I’m working on that day, and give a general update on what the team is up to.

Today I’m working on introducing content into the game that hints at the lore and backstory of the Stonehearth universe. The image up top is a first cut at one asset — a ruined monument left by an ancient civilization that thrived in the time before your people settled the land. The idea is that we’ll sprinkle this stuff across the world for you to find. I’m thinking this first version is maybe a little too big, but we’ll see how it goes. 😉

In other news, the team continues to fix bugs uncovered by our new users, and work towards Alpha 11. I’ll have a more detailed Alpha 11 update next week!

  • Will the monuments have any way to be utilized by your hearthlings or are they just a part of the lore?

    • Per Arne Endregaard

      Oh, that would be awesome! 😀

    • inkblotSRK

      Right now this stone bunny can be harvested for stone.

      • Bobby Wobby

        Just like the archeologist who grinded up thousands of cat mummies they found into fertilizer… Destroying the remain of ancients..

        • Lexical Cannibal

          Screw the ancients! I have a wall to build!

          • samuel lewis


        • samuel lewis

          ground not grinded

      • Matt_February12

        You should make the bunnies eyes out of a precious metal or new gem stone…

        • Jonathan

          Or maybe you could have a really rare Bunny statue made of some metal. Maybe steel, maybe even gold. Making it a really rare find, but makes you rich if you manage to find it.

      • Bandais


  • Bobby Wobby

    Will this have a Dark Souls feel to it, as in there is no such thing as being told the lore, and you have to piece the lore together instead?

    • inkblotSRK

      Absolutely! We know the back story. You’ll have to discover it for yourself based on clues we drop.

      • Bobby Wobby

        Great! That means I’ll constantly be setting out small search parties to look for these ruins! How splendid!

      • Bandais

        That reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus, and I love you for it!

      • samuel lewis

        hey how long would/will it take to add projectiles like bows and arrows?

  • Bobby Wobby

    Also, maybe the ruin has something to do with the rabbit clan?

    • samuel lewis


  • FerretBandit

    Cool. Will all the lore be the same, or will each world have it’s own special backstory? Also, make non-footmen run away from zombies! 🙂

    • Bandais

      I feel like the trapper should have some sort of combat bonus, not a big one, but maybe a small damage boost or maybe slightly less fear of enemies, simply because they are armed with a fancy knife.

      • samuel lewis

        yeah but its not a fancy knife its a skinning knife there is a large difference

        • Bandais

          It’s a mid(currently late) game bladed object, made of steel, It’s absolutely fair that it could do more than a wooden sword.
          Starting next patch we won’t even start with it.

          • samuel lewis

            then go back to the old description “made of bone by a carpenter”

  • Vetle Johan Hardy Lier

    Aaah, the lore. The best part of a masterpiece.

  • Agon

    Don’t know if it’s mentioned somewhere, but a nice touch would be if some monuments are buried, partially buried or under water when you find them, so you have to dig them out or drain the area to “get the lore” (if you get more info than what you se) or to get potential bonuses. Just make sure the monuments follow roughly the same heightmap so that one monument isn’t buried right next to one that is sitting on the surface.

    • xen2001

      But wouldn’t it be cool if you’d find some deserted temple and discover that it was built upon another previously used shamanistic site? Then you could maybe choose which bonus/benefit from the both ruins you would want to profit of… Keep the temple’s bonus on willpower around it or the shaman’s site’s bonus on agriculture in the vincinity by demolishing the temple above. 😉
      (Like christian churchs built on top of roman/greek temples built on top of even older shamanistic sites… <- this kind of sceme.)

      Also it could add to the lore if there were old civs and even older/ancient tribes in the stonehearth history.

    • Mz103

      This is a fantastic idea!

    • Daniel Rydberg

      It would be awesome if you could find an object covered in terrain which makes it so that when you dig it out with the mining tool it naturally becomes like an excavation! 😀

  • Stephen

    Will there be a shop keeper class.
    to buy and sell instead of leaving it for traders to come randomly.

    • Cake_Bummm

      I would love that you give that trader job the items like in banished, and when the trader comes he sells that automatik or you can only sell the items you left the there, its also good for the “make me so much of this and I give you this” missions that you dont build that recources in your buildings

    • samuel lewis

      no there is a break of logic in that just think it takes importing so your guy would have go get the stuff so you would have one less guy/gal in that time… you follow?

      • Stephen

        No I’m talking about late game a merchant class

        • samuel lewis

          then you need the random traders

  • I am sure this has been addressed, but being able to marquise select with the selection tool for looting doesn’t work on roads or slabs. It goes through to the ground. So my town center where my flag is sits on a decorative motif using road colors, and I cant select the goods that are there to be sent to stockpiles because the loot button wont select over it.

  • Brent Morton

    I would love it if you guys made sicknesses to come randomly. Then make a potions expert or herbalist, could be a new class chain with a doctor or surgeon. New plants to gather to keep your people healthy. Cool with seasons to have winter be more prone for people getting sick. Anyone here play ultimate domain (old dos game) cause I loved that part of it.

    • oh god, I litteraly restart from a last save every time anyone dies, to prevent it. This would drive me insane. Though with the negitive effects I am sure there could be positives like faster building potions, or energy potions so they dont need to sleep as much. That would be cool.

    • Bobby Wobby

      I’m pretty sure they actually plan it, since there was a physician from that class tree from the kickstarter!

    • samuel lewis

      sorry but please no i dont want 3 things that can kill especially one being a random one

      • Bandais

        Why would sickness be random?

        • samuel lewis

          then how do you predict it

    • Ben [4399-1345-0423]

      I think if you are going to do sickness, use biological simulation not a random simulation. The environment would have to factor in. Have actual antigen dynamics as well as viral and bacterial biology with possible resistances in both the living antigens and the hearthlings. Your herbalist/medicine person could then have to become a doctor or even biologist as a tier for that job branch for better anti-biotics and vaccines. This would also lead to things like plant breeding and discovery, very important and distinct parts of our evolution and history as humans, more so during our many pioneering phases.

  • Adam Sloan

    Looking awesome guys! I love how you have stayed true to your vision of the end product! Keep it up!

  • Dragon Overlord Zemas

    Will it be like Endless Legend? Piecing a story together via quests or objectives?

  • MA-Simon

    Could you fix the getting trapped by mining bug?
    Mining down ALWAYS results in miners getting stuck in the mine.
    My other Citizens just don’t care to build ladders.

    So I never mine.

  • Zen2323

    I would say that random monuments this size and smaller would be great, especially if they added some kind of benefit. I also think that if there was an ancient civilization at one point, I would expect to eventually stumble upon some sort of city that has been overgrown(partially buried?) and maybe even some ghoulish enemies or traps (example: do X and this releases a giant beast that goes on a rampage, do Y and maybe you get a chance to tame the giant beast that will then protect your village)

    • Bandais

      I’m always a massive fan of taming strange rare and unique beasts.

  • Joshua

    My trapper keeps dying, because zombies chase him into a corner and he’s so far away my footmen won’t help him. I wish he would try and run to the village instead of to the nearest corner. Everything else is great though!

    • samuel lewis


    • Tuhalu

      Set your trapper up with a Party. If he gets in trouble, you can then issue a party order to send him back to town.

      • Mokujin1970

        ^ This

  • James White

    I agree it’s a bit big for a random monument, maybe half that size. However, it would make a pretty awesome looking entrance to a hidden temple! The light gray bit on the bottom would fit an epic door quite nicely.

  • EsbenOlsen

    Yeah sickness would be a great idea, and a doctor or surgeon who maked plants to medicine!

    • samuel lewis


  • Batman

    It would be cool to find old weathered statues that have ivy growing on them. You could harvest the ivy to get a wood block then clicking on the statue in builder mode would have the option to repair it which could give some sort of benefit!

  • GrimRipper

    I think they should add a bard and wine or ale to improve morale. Also they should make it so you can build an inn or bar that visitors can stay and buy ale or wine so you can make gold and maybe get them to stay in your town,

    • samuel lewis

      yeah but then you need a brewery

  • samuel lewis

    im sure some people would just deconstruct it and already know the lore POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: rabbit clan :l

  • Cain

    The stonehearth world design could use a bit of an overhaul. It seems pretty bland, and dull. Besides that. Can’t wait to see what’l be in alpha 11 ^^

  • Ben [4399-1345-0423]

    So I guess this is something that will be written by the team as a story mode and not a collection of procedural events that will be unique to each player?

  • It would be awesome if you could choose to destroy (mine) the monuments to get valueable ressources, but doing so would lower morale or course other bad things (zombie mayhem!). This would change the way you play the game.

    • Orbalon Stealleaf

      Would it be like, if you destroy the ruin their could be a really rare item treasure chest inside but with the cost of really low morale, but if you leave it your morale would be the same and you wouldn’t get the chest?

      • Or morale would get a boost as long as the monuments stand. Raiders (enemies) could try to take the loot and destroy the monument so you could shoose to defend it.

  • Daniel Rydberg

    Is this what you call “Interactive map features, like ruins” with 362 votes on the Trello-board? 😀 Where is my “Ranged Combat” with 398 votes! 😉 Nah, but seriously, I am really curious to see how archery is gonna play out in Stonehearth. It doesn’t feel like the kind of game where a marksman stands in melee combat shooting a bow and arrow 🙂 Back on topic, really cool stuff with the statues!

  • agss12

    hum looks like a giant bunny…..all praise the giant bunny!!!!