Pandemic’s Awesome City Renderings

We’re going to be showcasing creations from our community in this part of the site. The first showcase belongs to Pandemic, who authors scenes of everyday life in the world of Stonehearth. We think you’ll agree his work is awesome.

PandemicHello, I’m Pandemic. I create 3D renders for the Stonehearth Community as well as aid in making models and graphics for my own and other user mods. When I first saw the Stonehearth Kickstarter and found out about Qubicle Constructor I started using Basic Edition making little models I hoped would become a mod one day, and it did. After that it sorta exploded from there.

I started making renders as a way to show off my models and to see what Stonehearth’s cinematic potential was. I have always had this grand idea for an animated series and Stonehearth’s style and simplicity really inspired me to pursue it. Between the great responses from the Dev Team, community and friends of mine like Avairian and Chimeforest, it was really present in my mind that the renders were something special. Since then I just pushed forward and it’s now my favorite hobby.

I love making these renders for a lot of reasons — they show off a beautiful game, they inspire people (so I’m told) and they really let me express my artsy and funny side. I could probably sit here and have millions of reasons why I make them. It comes down to that it’s really fun and challenging to stay true to the game while stretching what I can do. They can take any amount of time, depending on the amount of custom models needed. I really don’t see the renders stopping anytime soon.

 [Click on the images to see enlarged versions.]


CityGateCity Gate: This kickstarted my new project. I wanted to create a Stonehearth world where all my renders took place, or as I call it the “WorldFile” Project. This was the first step towards that. I tried to simulate villager life in a big city, the challenge was a lack of reference material. Turned out amazing, couldn’t have been happier.


ShepherdPenShepherd: This was part of a contest. I had a extra copy of Mass Effect 2 and wanted to do something with it, eventually deciding to give it out in a contest. People sent in sketches for a Shepherd render and the winner got the game. TurtleSquish won and I used his sketch to inspire and direct how this was made. By far one of my favorites.


 marketteaseMarket: Oh man, this one was interesting. I had just learned about Emission objects for lighting and I wanted to try it, as well as the first render with one of my mod assets in it. There was a lot of custom work in this one, the stalls, the stairs, the land, houses. Everything but the people was custom made.


blacksmithBlacksmith: So, this one I wanted a warmly lit scene. I had remembered the recent dev stream where Tom was working on the forge, and thought “Is that in the game now? Man I hope so” and it was. I got the idea of lighting the scene with radiating light from the forges from a Youtube video.




Farm: Anyone who has played Minecraft with me knows I always need to build a farm town, it’s a guarantee. I always had a idea for a farm render and I went with it. By this time the Goblin Thief had become a signature of mine.


barracksBarracks: This one was a passion project for me, I thought “What would a barracks look like in Stonehearth?” and had just made the elevated walkway models and just went with it. I tried to put in a chain of command, one guy is older and the other two are newer.


citymarketCity Market: I wanted to return to the city, I felt like I should continue fleshing out the environment and getting the surrounding landscape figured out. The Goblin is obviously present as he is in most of my renders, I made another variant to the shopping stalls, a nice red one. Added the pic on as well. Next I’m going to flesh out the landscape itself, make some nice mountains and lakes.

  • ynnam

    So charming, nice work!

  • Emily Richens

    Wow this is great. hopefully when the game is finished it looks like some of these pics. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

  • AngryNorwegian

    Looks great

  • Stephen

    I hope the game looks like this when it’s finished