This small hotfix solves a few issues that slipped into the 1.0 release: Fixed error that happens when loading a game with dispatched citizens Fixed Northern Alliance Wolf Helm recipe not showing up in the weaver’s recipe list Fixed tutorial […]


Stonehearth is 1.0

Hey everyone, now that we’ve stuffed in our last few features and a ton of performance and bug fixes, our game is finally complete. Team Stonehearth is proud to announce that our cozy, quirky, and sometimes epically heroic building simulation […]


Stonehearth RC5 on Steam Unstable

A few last adjustments… Increased hearthling build speed, from 1/3/6 blocks-at-a-time at 1st/2nd/3rd town tiers respectively to 3/4/6. Reduced Kobold archer range to more closely match hearthling archers. Fixed patrolling AI causing issues when patrollers try to follow archers. Fixed […]


DT: Building Cathedrals

Hey everyone, welcome to our final Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Since it’s the last Desktop Tuesday, let’s take a quick look at the very last feature we’ve checked in for 1.0: seasons, plus some of the things we learned along the […]


Stonehearth RC4 on Steam Unstable

More minor bug fixes and polish. Rescued several rabbits stuck on top of trees. Improved combat performance. Reduced insect and critter meat and pelt drop rates. Removed “coming soon” tags from several recipes. Fixed ostriches and duck-ducks reproducing. Fixed a […]


Stonehearth RC2 on Steam Unstable

More fixes. You know the drill. Fixed several AI errors. Fixed a bug in crafting UI order reordering. Fixed harvested pear cacti sometimes not showing the correct model. Fixed attribute-modifying traits re-applying when switching gender on the embark screen. Fixed […]


Stonehearth RC on Steam Unstable

This release candidate includes the last few changes before Stonehearth goes 1.0: Added loot drops to ostriches, duck-ducks, and wolves. Added several more summoning stones to the Geomancer. Added several more filter options to storages. Added food preference descriptions to […]


DT: The Geomancer

Hey Everyone, welcome to our second to last Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Today let’s talk a bit more about the rabbit clan we first mentioned a few weeks ago, and about a class we’ve long been excited to add to the […]