A20 Update – Bugfixes!

Hey Everyone, we’ve just updated Alpha 20 on Steam. This new update gets you: Combat units express emotion while patrolling Fixed UI flickering issues Added interactions b/w farm animals and hearthlings UI updates to character sheet Fix a bug regarding […]


DT: State of SH, 2017!

Hey everyone! Welcome back from the holidays. Team Stonehearth took some time to rest, reconnect with our families, and play the games that inspired us, and now we’re back in the saddle and ready to spend 2017 making our game […]


DT: Emotional Animations

Hey everyone! It’s almost the holidays! That means that even as the team continues work on Alpha 20 (happiness, rescue mechanics, and other gameplay features) certain talented members of our community are hard at work on a seasonal surprise for […]


DT: Personal Space

Hey everyone, happy Tuesday! This week, the team (now recovered from American Thanksgiving) is working hard on Alpha 20, in which we make a first stab at redefining some of our existing systems so they work better together. Without further […]


Desktop Tuesday: One Marauder

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! As we dive deeper into Alpha 20, which will be about Hearthling morale and happiness as a mechanism for beginning to tie together our disparate gameplay systems, let’s take a closer look […]


DT: Desert Critters!

Hey everyone, it’s time for another Desktop Tuesday! This week, we’re excited to share another way we’ve been working to bring our desert to life, with a sneak peek at an art pass on some of the friends and foes […]


DT: Mod Manager

Hey everyone! This week, we spend a little more time on longrunning bugs from our backlog–wonky behavior in our leash code, some more memory/performance improvements, a bit more work on issues in the hydrology service–before turning our attention back to […]


Alpha 19 Has Arrived!

Alpha 19: Think of the Children! In which the Rayya’s Children kingdom and the desert biome receive some long-overdue attention. Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 19! This release is focused on bringing some much-needed love to the kingdom of Rayya’s Children […]