Desktop Tuesday: Traits!

Hey everyone, Desktop Tuesday makes it’s triumphant return! Despite a wide variety of work-and-personal travel, Team Stonehearth has been hard at work on Alpha 21, and it’s tentpole feature, Hearthling Traits. Let’s take a closer look! Traits Make Hearthlings Individuals […]


DT: A20 Easter Eggs

Hey everyone, we’re a week into developing hearthling traits for Alpha 21, but if I tried to show that to you now it would be a Desktop Tuesday full of screens and screens of code. So instead, let’s take a […]


DT: Cubemitter Optimizations

Hey everyone, Team Stonehearth is  just now fixing the very last of the bugs on Alpha 20, gearing up for Alpha 21, which will focus even more on hearthlings, their personalities, quirks and foibles.  Today for Desktop Tuesday, and before we […]


Desktop Tuesday: Mood!

Hey everyone, to celebrate the fact that we’re closing in on the last of Alpha 20’s outstanding bugs, let’s use this week’s Desktop Tuesday to take a behind-the-scenes look at A20’s tentpole feature: the new infrastructure for hearthling emotions that […]