DT: The Geomancer

Hey Everyone, welcome to our second to last Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Today let’s talk a bit more about the rabbit clan we first mentioned a few weeks ago, and about a class we’ve long been excited to add to the […]


DT: Northern Alliance & Glacier

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! Today I am incredibly excited to show off our third and final playable Kingdom, The Northern Alliance, and their home: the glacier biome, Valkyrie Tundra. The Northern Alliance & The Glacier Personally, […]


Leaving the Nest

Hey Everyone, For many years now, you’ve been asking us: when will Stonehearth be finished? And we’ve always answered–when it’s done! Well… as of today, we feel we’re finally there. Stonehearth has become a game that we on the team […]


DT: Performance++

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! We hear a lot from you that one of the main things that would make the game much better is improved performance. We totally agree–bad performance can cause everything from slow framerate, […]


Beta r866 Now on Steam Unstable

Another polish release with a few optimizations and some bug fixes, including several for major bugs introduced in the previous release. Added new sound effects for titan tentacles. Optimized AI and timer performance slightly. Optimized workshop UI slightly. Improved responsiveness […]