Alpha 22 updated to release 737

Last week’s update to Unstable has checked out… now moving to Steam Stable so that everyone can partake (not just you live-on-the-edge Unstable fans). Release 737 contains a tuning fix to the conversation system based on your feedback. Prevent conversations […]


DT: Building Overhaul

Hey everyone, A22 is finally on Steam Stable, so let’s switch our focus this week to one of the team’s long-term projects: fixing building, from the fundamentals. At Pax East last March, while watching you guys struggle through the building […]

"Do you like my hat?"  "I do not."  "Good-by!"

Alpha 22: Conversation Piece

You talking to me? Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 22! This release focuses on the full introduction of Conversations, a feature which builds on the Happiness and Trait systems launched in previous Alphas, the combination of which deepens the impact of […]


DT: Tuning Conversations

Hey everyone, in this Desktop Tuesday, we conclude our sequence on how a feature goes from idea into the game by talking about how we use your feedback to tune and test the conversation feature. Also, if you enjoy Desktop […]


DT: Conversation Visuals

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! This is week three of our deep-dive into the conversation system, as part of an ongoing series that illustrates how a Stonehearth feature goes¬†from a concept into the game. Stonehearth is a […]

Steam Latest Updated to release 721

Moar stuff! Fixed stuff! Keep that feedback coming. What’s in this release: Features Added ‘darkness’ conversation subject. Added ‘town status’ conversation subject. Bug Fixes Fixed ‘death’ subject not being discuss-able on save games. Fixed extra hearthlings when saving & reloading […]