DT: Conversation Visuals

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! This is week three of our deep-dive into the conversation system, as part of an ongoing series that illustrates how a Stonehearth feature goes from a concept into the game. Stonehearth is a […]


DT: Dark and Light Pt2

Hey everyone, welcome to another Stonehearth Desktop Tuesday! This week, we continue where we left off last week, with a glimpse into Artist Allie and Engineer Angelo’s long-term explorations into visualizing the boundaries between darkness and light in the game. […]


DT: Exploring the Edge

Hey everyone! This week, while most of Team Stonehearth investigates various performance optimizations, Allie takes the lead on answering a key question which touches many of our end-game features: What does the Edge of the World look like? We’re a […]


DT: A17 Splash!

Hey everyone, Alpha 17 is inches away from being complete! This release brings us to a milestone place with building: before this week, we weren’t sure WHAT it would take to get to a place, technically, where hearthlings could build most, if […]

partyGoblin - Copy

Desktop Tuesday: A16 Splash!

Hey everyone, Alpha 16 is officially on Steam Stable! We’re fixing some last (sound/art/memory/combat) bugs, which we’ll hopefully get you as a patch this week, after which we plan to pivot over to some long overdue infrastructure cleanup. After THAT we’ll […]


Monster Stream Tuesday!

Oh, yes! It’s a supersized livestream. With monsters. (In all ways, then, a monster stream.) On Tuesday — that’s tomorrow, November 24. Our artist Allie has been hard at work conceptualizing a number of monsters and creatures we’re aiming to […]

Behind the scenes with Bush #4

Hey Everyone! Stephanie again. As Tom mentioned in last week’s livestream, we’re working together on food! In today’s test environment, young Sean Connery brave Willad Northpoint is harvesting berries off of bushes so he can eat them later. (He still […]