Desktop Tuesdays, Skeletons!

What’s a good fantasy game without the undead?  Here are some variants of skeletons.  These show up in some of our original concept renders, but now I’m refining them to animate well in game. It’s been a productive two weeks […]

Desktop Tuesdays, Speed Sculpt!

Hi. I’m continuing to flesh out the enemies that you’ll encounter in the game. Today I’m working on a heavy/tank sort of guy. Whereas the goblins are our cannon-fodder, nuisance type of monster, these guys will be a much more […]

New Year, New Blog!

Hope you enjoyed the holidays. It’s been a while since we’ve updated the site, but I assure you we’ve been pretty busy here behind the scenes. We (and when I say “we” I mean Tony) have spent the last month […]

This Week: UI Updates!

This week I revisited our UI.  While shooting our first video I realized that the status plate for selected units is just way too honking big.  I think we were just trying to put way too much information in there, […]

Introduction to the Job System

Thanks for all the feedback on our first pre-alpha video.  We do read and appreciate all your comments, so please keep them coming. As you can tell from the video, planning and building your town will be a huge part […]


This is the development blog for Stonehearth, a game that we have been working on for the past year.  About this time last year we both quit our jobs in the software industry to make our dream game: a game […]