Alpha 21 Arrives on Steam Latest!

Alpha 21: A Window Into The Soul Hearthlings are people too! Welcome to the Steam latest (unstable) branch debut of Stonehearth Alpha 21! With this release we are continuing our work towards making hearthlings feel more alive. This release sees […]

Alpha 20 updated to release 701

As always seems to be the case — even with stable releases! — a few bugs have reared their ugly little heads and mandibles since Alpha 20’s foray to stable. We have dutifully squashed said bugs, and made some additions […]

Steam Latest Updated to release 696

Alpha 20 creeps closer to its debut! The Stuff in This Update Fix UI issue in thought summary stacks Fix meal thoughts removing too many stacks Ignore building-related entities when using the clear command Update tooltip wording for raw food […]

Steam Latest Updated to release 695

Moar Alpha 20 (unstable) fixes! Keep those bug reports coming! Most Recent Update Fix starvation not impacting health Fix a building regression that occurred when placing roofs. Fix incorrect target happiness calculation when some thoughts added multiple times Add hearthling […]


Alpha 20 Arrives on Steam Latest!

Alpha 20: In Which We Put the Heart in Hearthlings ”Happiness is a Warm Poyo” Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 20! This release brings a new Happiness system to Stonehearth and takes a first step into deepening the impact of hearthlings’ […]


Alpha 19 Has Arrived!

Alpha 19: Think of the Children! In which the Rayya’s Children kingdom and the desert biome receive some long-overdue attention. Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 19! This release is focused on bringing some much-needed love to the kingdom of Rayya’s Children […]

Steam Latest Updated to develop 3188

Alpha 19 is getting realllly close to done. A few last updates and fixes! The stable release is just around the corner…. Here’s what’s new in this release: Improvements Updated Rayya’s Children Tier 2 monument VFX Building eraser tool now […]