Steam Workshop Launches!

One of the core promises of Stonehearth when we first imagined it was that the game would be  moddable so that your imagination could expand your hearthlings’ world — and that your creations could be shared easily with other members of the Stonehearth […]


Alpha 22.5.2: We Half Moar For You

Alpha 22.5.2: We Half Moar For You Following close on the heels of the first release of Alpha 22.5, we bring you more goodies to tide you over while the development of Alpha 23 continues. Dramatic Improvements to Water’s Infrastructure […]

Alpha 22 updated to release 737

Last week’s update to Unstable has checked out… now moving to Steam Stable so that everyone can partake (not just you live-on-the-edge Unstable fans). Release 737 contains a tuning fix to the conversation system based on your feedback. Prevent conversations […]

"Do you like my hat?"  "I do not."  "Good-by!"

Alpha 22: Conversation Piece

You talking to me? Welcome to Stonehearth Alpha 22! This release focuses on the full introduction of Conversations, a feature which builds on the Happiness and Trait systems launched in previous Alphas, the combination of which deepens the impact of […]


Steam Latest Updated to release-726

Keep the conversation going about, um, conversations! More tweaks and bug fixes inside today’s build. What’s In This Release Improvements Reduce the happiness impact of thoughts received after a conversation by having them not stack, so that a line of […]

Steam Latest Updated to release 721

Moar stuff! Fixed stuff! Keep that feedback coming. What’s in this release: Features Added ‘darkness’ conversation subject. Added ‘town status’ conversation subject. Bug Fixes Fixed ‘death’ subject not being discuss-able on save games. Fixed extra hearthlings when saving & reloading […]


Alpha 22 Arrives on Steam Latest!

Important Note: Stonehearth uses a common .dll (sfml-system-2.dll) to help manage audio. It seems that this file is sometimes triggering a false positive with Symantec antivirus programs. Stonehearth does NOT contain any malware, and you may have to create an […]

Steam Unstable Updated to develop-3388

Could this be… the last build before Alpha 21 goes to Stable? We think so! Let us know if you encounter any issues. Improvements Added ability to lock-in name and appearance customizations when rerolling your hearthlings on the customize your […]