Alpha 22.5.2: We Half Moar For You

Alpha 22.5.2: We Half Moar For You

Following close on the heels of the first release of Alpha 22.5, we bring you more goodies to tide you over while the development of Alpha 23 continues.

Dramatic Improvements to Water’s Infrastructure

Digging moats? Making ornamental ponds in your town? Plotting to flood out the goblins? Sick of all the CPU-intensive errors that appear whenever you mess with water in Stonehearth? Albert has your back! For the last few months, he’s been reworking water’s basic infrastructure, dramatically improving correctness and performance. He’s also added evaporation of water puddles, so that an excavation error won’t make your town soggy forever. Waterfall rendering has also been improved and appears more integrated with the water source. Please help us test this out by getting very creative with water in your settlements. (Note: Old save games will load, but any previous water flows will be frozen in time.)

Pets Die Less

Are you tired of having your pets run into the middle of combat and die, leaving their owners bereft? Pets now automatically return to town if they find themselves too far away. During town alert mode, they run to the banner, like your hearthlings, or to the foot of their owner’s bed, if they have an owner who has been assigned a bed. As a happy extension of these behaviors, they will also sleep at the foot of their owner’s beds, chase their owners around, and seek out their owners when they’re feeling lonely.

A Few New Traits

We’ve added a few new traits: Stoic (takes more to make this hearthling sad or happy), Gourmand (happy with fancy food, unhappy with awful food), and Goat (happy with any kind of food, grosses out friends)

And a Few More Things:

  • Added “Saved from Mortal Wounds” thought that is added when a hearthling wakes up after being rescued, to better celebrate this huge event
  • Added callous trait interactions with town pets (there is no honey badger in Stonehearth — but if there were, he’d be callous)
  • Added hotkeys for Move/Place item as “Y”, Undeploy Item as “U”
  • The 4 Combat buttons, all Build Menu keys, and the button to open the notification popup are now offered as shortcut keys, but are unbound by default. If you’ve been wanting these, check out settings to bind them to something that works for you and your keyboard.
  • Added the ability to right click on most selection menus to instantly do the desired activity – e.g. you can now instantly buy/sell from crafter menus by right mouse button clicking; you can instantly queue a single object to be crafted, or maintain a single item by holding Ctrl and right clicking; and you can cancel an order by right clicking
  • Added a Reload UI button to UI error dialogs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error that pops up when orc healers are trying to find a target to heal
  • Fixed herbalists not continuing to heal after a hearthling’s “Recently Treated” buff wears off
  • Fixed clerics not healing after an ally became incapacitated
  • When hearthlings are incapacitated, they will hold on to equipped items (armor/weapons) until they are rescued. They will still drop items in their hands/backpack immediately
  • Fixed a bug that caused events to stop occurring after loading a game

Your feedback on these is solicited, as always. Thanks for playing!