Alpha 10.5 Community Coolness

With Alpha 11 just around the corner (soon! soon!), what better time than now to see some of the incredible stuff people have built with the current version of Stonehearth (Alpha 10.5)?

There are some really clever, fun, and just plain cool builds out there. Here are a few that caught our attention in our forum and in the Stonehearth screenshots section on Steam.

 [Click on the images to see enlarged versions.]


Kallagann: Peninsula Town

kallaganKallagann (who hails from France) created this well-defended peninsula-based castle and market town. Take note of the town gate and the striped awnings in the marketplace. He didn’t create the peninsula location — he was the lucky beneficiary of encountering it naturally… though he does note that he clicked on the roll button “many times” to get this map!



Hogwartscat: Jousting Arena

hogwartscatHogwartscat writes of his nifty new tournament site, “I build my towns with social status in mind (like the poor get mean beds and thatch roofs while the rich get comfy rugs and stone buildings). So when I re-built the stands I made it so the higher up people such as kings and queens, nobles and such would sit up top while the working class would have to stand below.”


Rach199: Dock/Pier

Rach199STMSteam user Rach199 posted this atmospheric screenshot of a small pier. A nice place for romantically-inclined hearthlings to take a stroll.




Declan_Flitcroft: Aqueduct!

Declan2Declan_Flitcroft states modestly, “been playing around with the water a lot.” No kidding! A very impressive three-level aqueduct. He even has templates for the build available to all (see the link in our forum).




Pfauenauge: Walled Town

PfauenaugeHere’s an impressive walled town from Pfauenauge, built in Peaceful Mode. Cool towers! No goblins are getting in past that wall… Also: nice moat!




micheal_handy76_mh: Raven Loft

micheal_handy2Here is a truly awesome build, a multilevel castle-based town with some innovative tower construction. You’ll find multiple screenshots in the forum thread documenting his progress. (Also impressive is the fact that the screenshot here was taken on Day 22 of Goldmun — that’s well into the sixth month of gametime!)



Breathren: Lakefront Village

breathrenSTMFinally, from Steam user Breathren, an inspiring lakefront walled village, featuring a great keep, a windmill, and some nice road and stair work.



Keep up the great work, everyone — we’ll be back with another Community Spotlight after Alpha 11 is released. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!