Build Your Town

With nothing but their wits and strength, your hardy band of hearthlings will carve a place in the wilderness. Watch a clearing become a camp, and then a town… and soon, a thriving outpost of civilization! There are no limits on what you can build… what your settlers can imagine, they can create.


Expand Your World

All your hearthlings begin their story as simple workers. But as your village grows, your hearthlings will grow along with it. Watch with pride as their skills and capabilities expand; from carpenters and farmers to masons and blacksmiths… and beyond. The variety of items they can craft and the abilities they learn will make their village the envy of its little corner of the world.

Fight, Defend, … and Attack

Your hearthlings are not alone in their new home. The wilderness teems with unfriendly characters… and sooner or later, you’re going to have to deal with them. Some are annoyances, and some… are the stuff of nightmares. Make sure you prepare your villagers to meet the challenge.